• Luncheon group
    2nd Annual Summer Intern Welcome Luncheon

    On June 30th, Biomedical Graduate Education and the Medical Center Graduate Student Organization hosted its 2nd Annual Summer Intern Welcome Luncheon.

  • One Step Closer to Their Goals, BGE Students Receive Diplomas

    They have been described as the “backbone” of the medical profession. More than 300 Biomedical Graduate Education students filed into the Leavey Center ballroom on Friday, greeted by the clapping and cheering of family and friends, for their diploma distribution ceremony.

  • Alternative Career Panel Exposes Biomedical Graduate Students to Unique Possibilities

    On Thursday, April 7, a group of scientists gathered in Copley Hall to talk to Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) and main campus students about leveraging their science backgrounds into careers across industries.

  • Map
    DMV (DC/MD/VA) Hoyas Biomedical Academic Scholarship

    Interested in one of MS programs? Live in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area? This award is to encourage local students to stay local while they pursue biomedical graduate education.

  • Systems Medicine
    New Masters Program: Systems Medicine

    Georgetown University’s Biomedical Graduate Program is announcing a new Masters in Systems Medicine program that utilizes the burgeoning field of computational science and “-omics” technologies to create a “systems approach” to medicine.

  • BGE Students Celebrate the Year of the Monkey!

    On Jan. 29, 2016, BGE students were able to celebrate the Year of the Monkey and experience some Chinese culture through musical performances, activities, and great food.

  • 2015 Faculty and Student Awards

    On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, the Eighth Annual GUMC Convocation brought together Georgetown University Medical Center students, faculty, and staff in a unified celebration recognizing unique and outstanding achievements in research, education, and service.

  • Hard Science with just a Touch of Procrastination on Student Research Day

    Thirty-two students in Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) programs at Georgetown University Medical Center presented their research during the 30th Annual Student Research Day.

  • Networking in Real Life for Success

    Recently, we had the pleasure of Joanne Kamens, PhD, (Executive Director, Addgene) share her Networking insights, know-how and expertise with students.

  • Student Volunteer Opportunity: Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer

    On December 3-5, the Ruesch Center for the Cure for Gastrointestinal Cancers is planning a “Fighting a Smarter War on Cancer” symposium, and would like student volunteers to get involved with the event.