The Hoyas for Science Scholars (BGE) and Georgetown Medical School Students (BGE – Medicine Interest Group) are partnering together to offer a peer mentorship program where current Medical School Students will act as mentors for Biomedical Graduate Education M.S. students affiliated with Hoyas for Science (merit scholarship for underrepresented minority students matriculating into a BGE Biomedical Science 1-year M.S. program).

First or second year medical students (“Mentors”) are assigned to a Hoyas for Science scholar student (“Mentees”). The mentors’ function is to answer questions that the mentee may have about the medical school process and ease the transition to medical school by providing invaluable social and academic support.

In this Fall 2015 – Summer 2016 period, mentors and mentees will:

  • Complete a short initial questionnaire to establish expectations of the relationship (to be distributed at the kick-off event)
  • Meet at least 1x a month (ie grab coffee together*) during a mutually convenient time until the mentee graduates.
  • Answer any questions that the mentee may have related to Medical School Application process, and what life as a medical student is like.
  • At the end of the mentorship program, both parties will complete an exit questionnaire and attend a wrap-up/closing dinner.


  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshop provided by BGE in the Fall of 2015 to all Mentors
  • Invitation to BGE Seminars and events for networking and development
  • Receive a Certification of Leadership in Mentoring
  • Coffee cards will be provided by Biomedical Graduate Education/Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Georgetown Medical School
  • Rewarding new mentoring relationships and friendships that share a passion for medicine!

Please click here to access the questionnaire!