This fall, the Medical Center Graduate School Organization began a new outreach initiative at Bancroft Elementary School in NW DC. Once a month, Georgetown volunteers put together a science workshop for the 4th graders at Bancroft. These workshops consist of short science experiments that provide a fun, hands-on experience that compliments the 4th grade science curriculum. So far, the workshops have been a wonderful experience, with everyone involved having a great time!

During the first session the kids learned about states of matter. Together, the Bancroft students and GU volunteers thought of examples of transitions between states of matter, like making ice cubes or boiling water, and then took turns making their own slime! After playing around with the slime, the kids wrote in their "lab books" and recorded their observations about the slime, noting that it has some properties of a liquid and some properties of a solid! At the second session, the Bancroft students constructed their own hovercrafts! They learned about force, mass, acceleration and friction and played a quiz game to help them apply these concepts to their hovercrafts.

We all can't wait to see what the next session brings! To get involved, check out the MCGSO outreach website!