Name: Symone WrenSymone

What undergrad school are you from, and what was your major?:
Hampton University. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Why did you apply to Georgetown University?:
I decided to apply to Georgetown because I knew of their astounding reputation of producing scholars that went on to achieve unimaginable goals. After hearing my current program director speak on the high volume of Georgetown and its pharmacology and research program, I knew I wanted to be apart of the Hoyas community.

What are you studying here at Georgetown University?:
Currently I am studying Pharmacology, a graduate studies program here at Georgetown.

As a Hoyas for Science recipient, you were selected because your application to Georgetown "demonstrated a commitment to biomedical research and graduate studies at the Masters’ level." Please describe in a few sentences (or short paragraph) what you hope to accomplish here at Georgetown and/or what specifically your interest in biomedical research or graduate studies is, and why. Feel free to go into your future plans if that is appropriate:
I hope to advance my research skills and learn from my peers various laboratory techniques, information on research studies being conducted at the institution, and ultimately gather tools that will aide in the advancement of my medical career as a surgeon.

Please share an interesting fact about yourself:
A fun fact about myself is that I am one of pickiest eaters in the world, and that I absolutely hate chocolate!