By Felix Chiu
BGE Career Strategy & Professional Development

7 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

  • Curriculum vitaes (CVs) should be an overview of your academic/professional career. Include all relevant information to the job and position you are applying for. Possible sections to include: education, research, professional experience, awards, publications, presentations, grants, teaching experience, scientific techniques, professional memberships, community outreach, and university involvement.
  • CVs generally do not have any length restrictions and very few format restrictions.
  • While you are not restricted to using a particular format for your CV, a simple and easy to follow format is highly suggested. Make it clear where one accomplishment ends and the next one begins. Order accomplishments in a way that makes sense: break them down into relevant subcategories (education, teaching experience, etc.), and within those subcategories order them in reverse chronological order.
  • Remain consistent with how you display your information throughout the document. Changing the placement of the date or location halfway through your CV can get confusing to the reader.
  • Present all publications with an official citation (like one you would reference in a research paper), and remain consistent in reference style/format.
  • Be descriptive of your experiences, but be concise. The CV should summarize your accomplishments, not describe them in detail.
  • Eliminate all spelling and grammatical errors!

If you are having trouble getting started:

  • Take a look at your most recent resume. Your CV is almost a modified version of your resume; many of the same experiences will still be very relevant. Identify the most relevant experiences, and convert them into a CV format.
  • See this resource: Tips for a Successful CV


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