• careerfair
    3 Things to Do Before Going to Your Next Career Fair

    Career fairs are a great way to network, make first impressions, and both give and receive information between yourself and potential employers.

  • Two people shaking hands and having an informational interview over coffee.
    Caleb McKinney's 5 Tips for Informational Interviews

    Looking to expand your network and explore career options? Learn how to successfully land an informational interview.

  • Participants
    Networking for Success!

    Recently, we had the pleasure of Joanne Kamens, PhD, (Executive Director, Addgene) share her Networking insights, know-how and expertise with students.

  • Camera
    Professional Headshots

    BGE Students are invited to receive free professional headshots on October 3rd, 2017. Read this post for more details, tips on how to prepare, and advice on types of photos to avoid using on LinkedIn.

  • Amy Cuddy
    The Importance of Body Language

    With almost 17 million views, Amy Cuddy's TedTalk, "Your body language shapes who you are," shows us how certain postures and poses can affect our brain and can even impact our chance for success.

  • A person holding a light lightbulb, signifying the power.
    The Power of Informational Interviews

    Find answers to FAQs and helpful email templates for informational interviews.