We welcomed Kim Scarborough, MBA, Program Manager on the Human Capital Management team in the Strategic Program Division at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to conduct an interactive seminar with us about how to navigate USAJOBS, the main portal to all government job opportunities.

Cast a wide net, search by multiple occupational series, and various search terms.
Create saved searches on USAJOBS and check e-mail regularly for search results.
Consistently check the website (check it as often as you check Facebook, other social media).
Finish every application even if you are not sure if you are a fit.
Read every single word of the minimum qualifications.
Complete the application in a timely manner -- do not wait until the closing date.
Getting a job in the federal government is like a full time job in and of itself.
Spend time on resume, get specific!
Include all relevant attachments at the same time you are completing the application.
Accelerated hiring process was implemented in 2010, shortening the original hiring process from 179 days to approximately 80 days.

Search by salary only.
Search by grade/GS level only.
Rule out applying to a job outside of your current work/living area because you are not ready to move yet (teleworking is definitely an option in many government jobs).
Limit your search to one agency.
Be deterred by challenging online application system.


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