Workplace Dynamics (WoDy)

From our view as a professional development office, there is a need to normalize leadership and management training for all of our biomedical graduate students, so that they are properly equipped to manage the interdependence of the workforce. Therefore, we’ve constructed a workshop series in soft skill development for our BGE students.


Career Option Seminars (COS)

Curious about the skills you'll need to be successful in different types of careers after you graduate? If so, then you are invited to the Biomedical Graduate Education Career Options Seminars (COS). In this series, we invite professionals in a variety of science industry, policy, and research positions.


Career Option Seminars (COS) Editorial Board

Missed a Career Option Seminar? Our student reporters attend and write reports for every seminar! Check-in regularly for more reports and helpful material.


One Step Ahead Mentoring (OSAM)

In a country of increasing cultural diversity, a functional healthcare system must encourage a diverse workforce to broaden the scope of care to all who need it. OSAM, a partnership between Biomedical Graduate Education and School of Medicine, supports diverse and talented individuals interested in medicine.