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Finding a Government Job

We welcomed Kim Scarborough, MBA, Program Manager for the Department of Health and Human Services to lead a training seminar on how to navigate for those that want to work for the federal government.

Policy Careers for PhDs

As more and more PhD’s pursue careers outside of academia, science policy has emerged as a viable and popular career path for those with doctoral degrees. Many people think of science policy as working on Capitol Hill with Congress; however, science policy is a multi-faceted field with many entry points.

Six Important Tips for Getting a Postdoc

This is a longer post, but it deserves the space it’ll take up! Last week, my office hosted the first ever “How to get a post-doc position.” Here are my takeaway points from the event.

Tips for Finding Employment in Biotechnology

Toby Beth Freedman, biotechnology recruiter, and esteemed author recently came to Georgetown to speak about the biotechnology field, and how to get your foot in the door. The entire process of looking for a job to accepting a position was covered in a jam-packed hour of detailed insider-information. Read about his tips to finding a job in biotechnology.

Tips for navigating USAJOBS

We welcomed Kim Scarborough, MBA, Program Manager on the Human Capital Management team in the Strategic Program Division at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to conduct an interactive seminar with us about how to navigate, the main portal to all government job opportunities.