If you missed any of our Career Options Seminars, don't worry! Our student reporters are here to make sure that you can access all of the information that was provided during the seminar! Check in regularly for more reports and helpful follow-up materials. 

Career Option Guest Speaker Event Type Date Report
Pharmaceutical Scientist Sakura Minami, PhD Seminar 9/2/2016 Click Here!
Investment Banking Jim Hawkins, PhD, MBA Interview 10/19/2016 Click Here!
Grant Writing Skills Eric Berens Seminar 10/25/2016 Click Here!
Biomedical Opportunities in the Federal Government 

Drs. Amy Avila and Albert Avila 

Seminar 11/17/2016 Click Here!
Healthcare Consulting
Jacob Graham and Chance Scott
2/13/2017 Click Here!
Federal Government
US Dept of Health and Human Services
Click Here!