Choosing the Right Appointment Type

The following are descriptions of the appointment types. Please review what is covered in each appointment type before scheduling your advising appointment with CSPD in the 12Twenty Platform.

Career Exploration

Discussions of long-term goals and professional interests.

External Fellowship (For doctoral students/trainees)

Discussion of external funding opportunities and where to find information that will help you generate and submit your proposals. We do not provide advice on securing on campus employment (Please visit HoyaWorks for student employment opportunities). We also do not provide advice on finding scholarships to defray tuition costs. Though if relevant opportunities are presented to us, we do make them available on our jobs board in 12twenty.

Graduate School Application

Discussion of the PhD program application process, components of the personal statement, and interview preparation (including how to discuss your research experience).

Individual Development Plan Consultation (For doctoral students/trainees)

Discussion of how to set short and long-term goals during your scientific traineeship. Common additional discussion topics also include maximizing mentor relationships, aligning your goals with your professional plan, and articulating transferable skills.

Job Interview Preparation

Tips are provided on how to prepare for various types of professional employment interviews. Before scheduling this meeting, please review templates that are available in the resource library.

Medical/Health Professions School Application

This appointment type is for very general questions about the medical school application process, as our office does not offer formal premedical advising. We also do not review activities section essays, but we are happy to discuss your professional experiences with you and help you set goals for yourself to ensure that your professional experiences best align with the program that you are applying to. We are also happy to help you prepare for and practice for medical school interviews! 

Mock Job Interview

For this meeting type, we generate general interview questions based on the type of position that you applied for, and we ask you questions in a real interview setting. Feedback on your performance is provided during the meeting and a complete feedback form is provided via email. Some interview types that we do not provide mock interviews for include: consulting case interviews, graduate school interviews (though we are happy to talk through how you describe your own research in the PhD Program Interview Preparation meeting type).

Negotiating Offers

Congratulations on getting the offer. We can discuss the components of the offer and give you tips on what questions to ask next. Disclaimer- we do not provide legal counsel!

Personal Statement Review

We will review and provide feedback on your personal statement for PhD program or Medical/Health Professions School Applications. At least one week before your appointment, please attach your personal statement in your appoint block or send it to the advisor that you are meeting with. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to review it in time for our meeting! We will provide feedback on your initial draft and one additional draft after you’ve incorporated our initial feedback. We will review one round of secondary medical school essays or a draft of your followup letter of interest under this appointment type as well. 

Resume and Cover Letter Review

In this appointment we will review your resume and/or cover letter with you. Prior to scheduling this meeting, please review templates that are available in the resource library. Please be sure to upload your document(s) when creating the appointment.

PhD Program Interview Preparation 

In this appointment we will review typical structures of graduate school interview visits as well as how you can maximally prepare to engage in dynamic scientific discussions with faculty on the admissions committees.