The Office of Biomedical Graduate Education invites employers to connect with our students and alumni at Georgetown. Employers who work with us will be able to:

  • Participate in on-campus seminars, information panels, and recruiting events. Registration is NOW OPEN for our Fall Health, Science, Analytics, and Tech Career Fair, which will be held on Thursday September 13th 2018! 
  • Post open positions on the Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education online jobs board (see below for instructions).
  • Engage our students and alumni via LinkedIn and our listserv.

Schedule an Event

BGE welcomes employers and recruiters on campus to learn more about our programs and facilities, and to participate in professional development seminars, information sessions, career panels, and recruitment events. Our offices are in the Medical-Dental Building within the heart of Georgetown’s Medical Campus.  

To explore possibilities, please email Dr. Caleb McKinney, our Assistant Dean, Training and Development, Office Career Strategy and Professional Development. 

Post an Open Position 

If you do not yet have a 12Twenty account, follow the instructions below to get started: 

  1. Go to the following link: https://biomedical-georgetown.12twenty.com/hire and click Employer Sign Up.
  2. Fill out the required details to create an account including: your name (you can later choose if this will be displayed to students,) a password, employer name and address, your job title, and phone number.
  3. Your account is now set up. Any other time you would like to log in, follow the same link, and fill out your email and password in the Employer Log In section. 

 Once you have an account, follow these instructions to post a job: 

  1. Click Post under Post a Job on the landing page. 
  2. Fill out the required fields under Job Details and any other fields that would be relevant for your position. 
  3. Fill out your contact information under Primary Job Contact. Check the Make Visible to Students boxes only if you want students to see your information attached to the posting. 
  4. Use the drop down under Target Audience to indicate whether work authorization is required for your position. 
  5. Under Who can Apply, select BGE Students for Student Group. The other fields are optional but you may fill them out. Do not select a Major/Academic Program, as the choices do not reflect our specific programs.  
  6. Under Application Methods, choose at least one way that students should apply to your position. 
  7. Paste your Job Description and attach any relevant files (optional).
  8. Under Application Document Requirements, resumes are already required on default. If you would like all applicants to submit another document, such as a cover letter, please click Add Additional Document Type and check that the document type is required. 
  9. If you are ready to post your job (and if not, just save a draft,) click Submit to This School Only. 
  10. Your posting is now sitting with one of our administrators, and we will respond to the posting request as soon as possible. 

On top of seeing students who apply to your jobs, browse students’ resumes in Candidate Search:

  1. Click Search Candidates on the home page, or Candidate Search on the menu to the left. 
  2. Fill out any fields to limit your search, however do not fill out the following fields, as they will not yield accurate results: Graduation Year, Graduation Term, Major/Academic Program
  3. Once you see a student, click the three vertically aligned dots to the right of their resume name and select View Resume. 
  4. Once you have viewed the student’s resume, reach out to him or her via email to schedule an interview or request any further information. 

Hire an International Student

BGE is home to a talented pool of diverse international students looking to build professional careers in the United States. If you would like to hire international students, Helen Konrad and Mark Rhoads, Attorneys at Law with the McCandlish Holton Immigration Practice Group, have prepared a guide, Hiring Foreign Graduates, which outlines the H-1B process for prospective employers.