Recently, we had the pleasure of Joanne Kamens, PhD, (Executive Director, Addgene) share her Networking insights, know-how and expertise with students. If there is something that we should all immediately do, it’s some of these:

  • Have lunch (or coffee, or breakfast/dinner) with another human 2 times a week.
  • Social media helps you to build connections, but talking to people is how you truly build relationships.
  • When you go to an event, don’t leave an empty seat between you and someone else.
  • By sitting near someone, it will be natural to introduce yourself, and get chatting.
  • Wake up in the morning, and think to yourself, “What is my story for today?”
  • Make your first impression with someone memorable – have something interesting to say about yourself.

Remember that successful networking is a 2-way street! Good networkers have 2 ears, 1 mouth and know how to use them proportionally. Part of being an effective networker is living out these 4 powerful words: “How Can I Help?” We all have something to offer to any relationship; it can be something as simple as advice on how to avoid traffic in D.C. at 4:30PM on a weekday (let me know if anyone has the answer to this one!).

For more tips and insights, check out the addgene Career Blog for scientists and non-scientists.

Happy networking!