Special Grading Policy

Last Day to Withdraw

The last day to withdraw from classes with a “W” on the student’s transcript has been extended to the last study day, May 11, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT. Modular courses within the term will have the withdrawal deadline of the last day of class for that module. Late withdrawal is only available to graduate students in programs that have opted into the policy. 

If you would like to withdraw from classes with a “W”, please submit an Add/Drop Form with your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) signature and submit to Holly Sanders at hs932@georgetown.edu no later than the last study day.

Opt-In for Special Grading

Students can opt in between January 13th – May 11th through MyAccess.

Special Grading Policy for Spring 2021

For the BGE Courses, which have opted into the special grading policies, graduate students can choose one of the two grading frameworks, either: 

  1. Letter-grade, or
  2. Satisfactory (S) or No-Credit (NC):
    (S=grades A through C; NC=C-, D+, D, F)

Students should exercise their options selectively and thoughtfully, in consultation with their DGS. In making their decisions, they should pay particular attention to degree requirements, future course scheduling, and policies surrounding federal financial aid and external funding limits. Please note that S/NC grades are not weighted and therefore will not factor into calculation of GPA.

Once the grade mode for a course has been changed to pass/fail (S/NC), it is not possible, under any circumstances, to record a letter grade for that course.

A transcript notation for Spring 2021 will explain that S/NC was instituted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BGE Courses with Special Grading

Course IDCourse Name
BCHB 515-01Intro to Bioinformatics
BCHB 536-01Cell Culture Appls: Biotech
BCHB 536-02Cell Culture Appls: Biotech
BCHB 546-01Principles of Tissue Culture
BCHB 578-01The Eternal Curse of Aging
BINF 522-01Machine Learning
BINF 580-01Systems Biol/Bioinformatics
BINF 599-01Next Gen Seq Data Analysis
BINF 599-02Next Gen Seq Data Analysis
BINF 620-01Bioinformatics Algorithms
BINF 620-02Bioinformatics Algorithms
BINF 620-03Bioinformatics Algorithms
BINF 697-01Databases for Bioinformatics
BINF 697-02Databases for Bioinformatics
CBTA 517-101Bioterrorism
CBTA 525-101Homeland Security
CBTA 566-101Preparedness Response & Capaci
MICB 516-01Biol Rad Safety
MICB 520-01Agroterrorism: Anml/Plant/Home
MICB 524-02Emerging & Re-emerging Inf Disea
MICB 562-01Shaping National Science Policy
MICB 577-01Defnse Threat Reductn Initiatv
MICB 623-01Internship Experience
MICB 629-01Mech of Microbial Pathogenesis
MICB 705-01Science Diplomacy & World Health
MICB 724-01Health Preparedness & Management
MICB 803-01Biosafety, Biosecurity & Biodefen
MICB 805-01Emerging Biotechnologies
PHAR 504-01Graduate Pharmacology