Special Policies on Grading Options in Spring & Summer 2020 Only

Last Day to Withdraw from Classes

For Summer 2020, the last day to withdraw from classes with a “W” on the student’s transcript is the Last Day of Class depending on the session of your course, please see Summer Calendar here.

If you would like to withdraw from classes with a “W”, please submit an Add/Drop Form with your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) signature and submit to Holly Sanders at hs932@georgetown.edu no later than the Last Day of Class.

Special Grading Policy

For the BGE Courses, which have chosen to adopt the special grading policies, the following rules apply: 

  • Graduate students may choose the letter-grade or “Satisfactory/Credit/No-Credit” (S/CR/NC) grade option for the courses listed below.
  • If you choose the S/CR/NC grade option, the following applies:
    The Grade of Satisfactory (S) = A to C + credit to the course
    The Grade of Credit (CR) = C- to D  + credit to the course
    The Grade of No-Credit (NC) = F (NC grade is recorded instead) + no credit to the course
  • If you choose the S/CR/NC option for any of the BGE courses listed below, please follow the Instructions for Changing Grade Mode in MyAccess on the OUR website (please scroll to the middle of the page) no later than the Last Day of Class depending on the session of your course, please see Summer Calendar here.
  • A transcript notation will explain that S/CR/NC was instituted because of the Spring/Summer 2020 COVID-19 pandemic only if the student is in a program that opted into the S/CR/NC.

Students should exercise their options selectively and thoughtfully, in consultation with their DGS. In making their decisions, they should pay particular attention to degree requirements, future course scheduling, and policies surrounding federal financial aid and external funding limits.

Once the grade mode for a course has been changed to pass/fail (S/CR/NC), it is not possible, under any circumstances, to record a letter grade for that course.

BGE Courses with Special Grading for Summer 2020 Only

Course IDSectionCRNTitleCredits
HIDS-508117491Human Factor Engineering, Usability, and Safety2
HIDS-509117492Imaging Informatics2
HIDS-510117493Mandatory Capstone4

BGE Courses with Special Grading for Spring 2020 Only (Deadline was April 28th, 2020)

Course IDSectionCRNTitleCredits
BCHB-508112212Lab Applications of Biochem3
BCHB-515223062Intro to Bioinformatics1
BCHB-522112219Drug Targets/Drug Design2
BCHB-526116984Core Methods in Biotechnology3
BCHB-536131473Cell Culture Appls: Biotech2
BCHB-536231474Cell Culture Appls: Biotech2
BCHB-537112226Protein Prod. & Bioprocessing3
BCHB-537236597Protein Prod. & Bioprocessing3
BCHB-546119208Principles of Tissues Culture1
BCHB-910112239Biochem/Molec/Cell Bio Intrns4
BINF-580138588Systems Biol/Bioinformatics3
BINF-599138405Next Gen Seq Data Analysis2
BINF-620138406Bioinformatics Algorithms1
BINF-620238407Bioinformatics Algorithms2
BINF-697138409Databases of Bioinformatics3
BIOL-562130575Shaping National Science Polic3
BIOT-502132150Biotech Capstone Intrnshp4
BIOT-510132151Entrepreneurial Biotechnology3
BIOT-516132153Molecular Medicine2
BIOT-527132154Food Biotechnology2
BIOT-527238991Food Biotechnology1
BIOT-543132156Curr Good Mfg Prac for Biotech1
BIOT-550132157Management Strats: Biotech1
BIOT-551132158Commercialization: Biotech Ind1
BIOT-555132159Government, Science& Tech Mgmt1
BIOT-566132160Drug Dev. to Post Approval1
BIOT-6101325933D Culture, Drug Discov2
BIOT-643132163FDA Case Studies1
BIOT-651134225Adv. Strat. in Commercializaton1
BIOT-801132166Portfolio & Project Management1
CACE-540139483Medicine, Hlth & the Human Per3
CACE-570139364Catholic Social Teaching & Hlth3
CBIO-539112447Molecular Cell Biology4
CBIO-562112448Molecular/Cell Biol:Indepth An2
CBTA-566126716Preparedness Response & Capaci3
HIDS-505138000Advanced Health Informatics3
HIDS-506138001AI for Health Applications3
HIDS-507138002Digital Health Applications3
INNS-501134530Basic Neuroscience II4
INNS-511134531Journal Club1
INNS-521134532Imaging in Neuroscience2
INNS-531134533Neurobiology of Drug Addiction2
INNS-541138940MATLAB for Neuroscientists2
INNS-551138941Neural Mechanisms of Movement1
INNS-901134543Research Practicum II4
MICB-516114169Biol Rad Safety2
MICB-524232104Emerging & Re-emerging Inf Disea2
MICB-526114172The Chemistry of War2
MICB-803136247Biosafety, Biosecurity & Biodefen2
MICB-805136248Emerging Biotechnologies2
NSCI-503114315Systems & Cognitive Neurosci6
NSCI-507121538Neurosci Critical Readings1
NSCI-523138214Brain and Language3
NSCI-532114321Surv Skills & Ethics for Scien2
NSCI-543134260Org of the Nervous System2
NSCI-558134261Molec Mech of Neurodegnration3
NSCI-601114324Topics in Synaptic Transmissio2
NSCI-902237056NSCI Tutorial1
PBIO-906139077Research in Physiology3
PHAR-504116448Graduate Pharmacology10
PHAR-592130181Introduction to Toxicology1
PHAR-604137912Medicinal Plants&Pharmacognosy3
PHAR-612135952Graduate Pharm and Physio10
PHAR-907121377Pharmacology Research7
TBIO-706115388Cancer Res Techniques3