Hwa-Pyung Lim

Hwa-Pyung "David" Lim 
M.S. in Physiology

"Competition may fuel innovation in other markets and industries, but collaboration and corroboration are intrinsic features of good science."

About David

David Lim was born in South Korea and raised in Chicago. Lim studied at Yale University and earned an undergraduate degree in molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Currently, Lim is enrolled in the Special Master's Program in Physiology at Georgetown University's Biomedical Graduate Education.

Why did you choose Biomedical Graduate Education at Georgetown University?

I chose Biomedical Graduate Education at Georgetown University for many reasons, most of which revolve around location and the university’s rich history of biomedicine. The DMV area is a great place to study and practice medicine, and the Special Master’s Program at Georgetown promised the robust support network and rigorous coursework I was looking for in a premedical program. I was also very excited about the new curriculum at Georgetown School of Medicine, as well as for the opportunity to learn in a flipped classroom setting at the downtown campus.

As a DMV Hoyas Biomedical Academic scholarship recipient, you were selected because your application "demonstrated a commitment to biomedical research and graduate studies at the Masters' level." What do you hope to accomplish here at Georgetown and/or what is your interest in biomedical research or graduate studies?

Despite the fact that my program is only 11 months, I hope to establish a solid foundation in human physiology and biochemistry that I can bring with me wherever I end up for medical school. As someone who is very interested in pursuing research alongside my medical studies, I intend to take full advantage of the comprehensive overview I’ll receive this year to better define my areas of interest and learn enough of the basics to contribute meaningfully to whichever field I choose.

What is your favorite thing about and/or to do in the DMV area?

In addition to trying out the area’s excellent dining options, I enjoy exploring the DMV area on bike or on foot. The city is known for its many museums and cultural events, but I have had just as much fun walking around the different neighborhoods and getting a sense of the history, culture, and distinct features of each. Whether you love being outdoors, trying new cuisines, or simply expanding your mind, I think there’s something for everyone in the DMV area.