Meryem Divleli

Meryem Divleli 
M.S. in Physiology, Concentration in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

"Reducing indoor air pollution requires a multifaced approach in terms of addressing pollutants typically used, physical structure of the environment, and education."

About Meryem

Meryem Divleli is originally from Virginia. It was also in Virgnia that Meryem attended Geoge Mason University and earend her undergraduate degree in Biology. Here at Georgetown she is studying under the Special Masters in Physiology with a concentration on Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Biomedical Graduate Education.

Why did you choose Biomedical Graduate Education at Georgetown University?

I choose the Masters in Physiology and CAM program at Georgetown University due its uniqueness. The CAM program provides not only a strong foundation in medical sciences but also a deep understanding of integrative medicine, something I have always been interested in. I ultimately choose to attend Georgetown because I knew it would allow me to further my education in the sciences but also prepare me for future healthcare careers.

As a DMV Hoyas Biomedical Academic scholarship recipient, you were selected because your application "demonstrated a commitment to biomedical research and graduate studies at the Masters' level." What do you hope to accomplish here at Georgetown and/or what is your interest in biomedical research or graduate studies?

During my time here at Georgetown University, I hope to gain a better understanding of CAM as well as a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences. My long-term goal upon obtaining a master’s in physiology from Georgetown University is to purse a career in the healthcare field. I hope to gain an understanding of integrative medicine, specifically a balanced and holistic approach to health that will allow me to be a well rounded healthcare provider in the future. 

What is your favorite thing about and/or to do in the DMV area?

One of my favorite things to do in the DMV area is hike. Shenandoah and Great Falls are both beautiful parks that have many trails and hikes. They are both exceptionally pretty in the fall and offer a great break from studying!