Career Catalyst – Events

Acing the Job Interview

This workshop provided a toolkit to understand how to prepare for interview day, how to respond to common questions, and how to wow your interviewer(s)!

Biomedical and Healthcare Consulting

Chance Scott, Associate Director for Strategic Product Planning, eluminates the reimbursement process and an in-depth look at the impact Consulting has in the healthcare market.

Biomedical Opportunities in the Federal Government

Drs. Amy Avila, PhD, and Albert Avila, PhD, narrated their respective experiences as an FDA drug reviewer and a researcher at the NIH. Their experience serves as a reminder that the federal government always has a place for scientists who are interested in public service.

Federal Government

Tips and tricks to applying for federal government jobs, from the Health and Human Services perspective.

Grant Writing Skills

Georgetown Tumor Biology PhD candidate, Eric Berens, illuminates the process he underwent to achieve the NCI/HIH Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00 Grant).

Healthcare Consulting

Jacob Gramham and Chance Scott, from Quorum Consulting Inc [now Navigant], provide valuable insights into strategic product planning (SPP) and USA reimbursement strategies.

Investment Banking

Jim Hawkins, former CEO of Synthecell and Life Science Venture Banker at FOCUS Investment Banking, narrates his journey from college to his current career and offers helpful life advice to job seekers.

Medical Research

Henry M. Jackson foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF) is a non-profit foundation that facilitates advancement of military research.

Pharmaceutical Scientist

IPN alum, Dr. Sakura Minami, PhD, shares her story on how she came to work at a successful biotech startup

Presenting a Powerful Pitch

A powerful pitch can demonstrate how you are the right person for the career of your interest. Learn the FAB method of making a powerful pitch!

Transitioning from Scientific Research to Policy

Policy means taking a step back from the nitty gritty. Getting a policy fellowship doesn’t require any prior policy experience. Fellowships are looking for scientists who appreciate the value of science for policy and policy for science and want to branch out from just science and engage in bigger issues.