Llewellyn Rachel Delsarte

Name: Llewellyn Rachel Delsarte

What undergrad school are you from, and what was your major?:
Spelman College, Biochemistry

Why did you apply to Georgetown University?:
I applied to Georgetown because of the notable reputation that it’s Masters programs have nationwide. I wanted to be among individuals who shared similar ideas and goals in the study of science and other medical-related fields.

What are you studying here at Georgetown University?:
I am studying Physiology and Biophysics, focusing specially on the science behind complementary and alternative medical therapies.

As a Hoyas for Science recipient, you were selected because your application to Georgetown “demonstrated a commitment to biomedical research and graduate studies at the Masters’ level.” What do you hope to accomplish here at Georgetown and/or what is your interest in biomedical research or graduate studies?:
During my undergraduate career, I had many research opportunities that focused on topics including green chemistry, prebiotic chemistry, and micro-particle formation from red blood cells. While my undergraduate degree was in biochemistry and most of the research topics presented to me were focused solely on mechanisms of actions and the molecular structure of fundamental compounds, I found that the red blood cell research was of particular interest to me and aligned with my future plans. Becoming a physician is something that I have hopes of achieving and I know that having a solid foundation of important cellular functions is of the most importance in order to treat patients adequately. While I am here at Georgetown, I plan to focus on sharpening my knowledge for the biological functions of the human body and develop a greater understanding for the chemical mechanisms that help facilitate these functions.

Please share an interesting fact about yourself:
Before I decided that I wanted to become a physician, I had dreams of becoming a dancer for Alvin Ailey. I practiced multiple types of dance styles from the age of three until my freshman year in college. I do not dance anymore, but I still am a huge supporter for performing and visual arts.