2018 Hoyas for Science Scholarship Recipients

Faisal Attiah

MS in Integrative Neuroscience

“Curiosity eliminates the fear of facing challenges while humility allows us to embrace our setbacks to push us forward.”

Alexzander Ballard

MS in Clinical & Translational Research

“Currently I intend to pursue general surgery as a specialty with a focus in trauma surgery.”

Jaquantey Bowens

MS in Pharmacology

“Specifically, I want to become the principal investigator of a 25 member team of researchers who construct cures and treatments for an array of cardiovascular diseases.”

Sierra Cole

MS in Physiology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine

“I chose the CAM program because I wanted to get a different outlook on how other practitioners approach medicine.”

Jenesis Gayden

MS in Integrative Neuroscience

“Diversity is a teacher; you can learn an important lesson from everyone’s walk of life.”

Larissa Gloutak

MS in Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy

“Creating your own path is often the first move.”

Rodolfo Miller

MS in Integrative Neuroscience

“Trust the process.”

Mahnoor Mukarram

MS in Systems Medicine

“Adversity is but a stepping stone in the face of a greater calling- the same stepping stone that molds you into who you are meant to become”

Yuting Pan

MS in Integrative Neuroscience

“This program is a very effective bridging tool to prepare me for my PhD career.”

Zachary Wallace

MS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics

“We’re given two ultimate gifts in life: the ability give it our best of who we are and the ability to live the day. That is why every day we need to give everything we are in the moment we are given, otherwise we are wasting two great gifts.”

Stephanie Zapata

Biology MS in Physiology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine

“My desire to help disadvantaged and marginalized communities drives my motivation and continuously overrides any doubts, uncertainties, or anxieties I have had along my path.”

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