One Step Ahead Mentoring (OSAM) Program 

In a country of increasing cultural diversity, we believe that a functional healthcare system must encourage and engage a diverse workforce to broaden the scope of care to all who need it. However, by the time that students from disadvantaged backgrounds begin to engage their curiosities about medical careers, they often still carry the burden of disadvantage and discrimination. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the One Step Ahead Mentoring (OSAM) program, which pairs a Biomedical Graduate Education Masters Student (MS) that is interested in pursuing medical school with a current Georgetown School of Medicine (SOM) M1/M2 student to properly position our graduate students for the medical school life cycle process. Our diverse and talented students interested in pursuing medicine will be given an opportunity to vet their curiosity about this career trajectory, and we provide a platform here for those students to learn from those who are "one step ahead". Medical students will get to showcase their mentoring and leadership skills by providing a nurturing and culturally responsive mentoring experience for a student that would like to be in their shoes one day, but may need a little clarity or a boost of confidence to get there. 

Medical student “Mentors” will receive a certificate for Mentoring and Leadership Development from the BGE Office of Career Strategy and Professional Development. BGE MS “Protégés” will receive a certificate of participation. OSAM will help BGE MS students clarify and realize their medical school goals, provide valuable leadership and mentoring experience for SOM medical students, and allow all participants to experience a valuable discourse to highlight during their medical school or residency application processes. 

OSAM Program Contact: Dr. Caleb McKinney, Assistant Director, Career Strategy and Professional Development, Biomedical Graduate Education.