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Orrianne Morrison"...the supportive faculty, staff, and the nurturing environment of the program will allow you to soar as high as you wish if you are willing to put in the work."
- Orrianne Morrison

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Alexander Braverman"The wealth of knowledge and experience I received, the relationships I made and the professional network I tapped into were essential to my career development."
- Alexander Braverman

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DMV Scholarship Recipients
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Max Li"Georgetown University is able to offer a rigorous curriculum and the benefits of being located in a cultural hub that is Washington D.C."
- Max Li

DMV Scholarship Recipients

Hoyas Scholarship Recipients
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Eduardo Flores"Diversity fosters different viewpoints or ideas and the ability to have a respectful discussion is a great hallmark of progress."
- Eduardo Flores

Hoyas Scholarship Recipients

External Award Recipients
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Stephen DeVito"[Receiving this grant] means that I get to continue to do what I love, fight cancer."
- Stephen DeVito

External Award Recipients

Faculty: A Fresh Look
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Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss""The truth is, if you love something it doesn’t really feel like work, it’s just who you are, and life and work will meld together pretty easily.""
- Kathy Maguire-Zeiss

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