Meet Our Students & Faculty

Get to know some of our current students, alumni, and faculty below.

Jenesis Gayden

Hoyas Scholarship Recipients

Diversity is a teacher; you can learn an important lesson from everyone’s walk of life.”

Stella Ryou

Ignatian Hoya Scholarship Recipients

“Georgetown University will … provide the learning experience that empowers me to move towards my aspirations.”

Stephen DeVito

External Award Recipients

“[Receiving this grant] means that I get to continue to do what I love – fight cancer.”

Alexander Braverman

Our Alumni

“The wealth of knowledge and experience I received, the relationships I made and the professional network I tapped into were essential to my career development.”

Faculty: A Fresh Look

“The truth is, if you love something it doesn’t really feel like work, it’s just who you are, and life and work will meld together pretty easily.”