Alumni Profiles

Do you want to know more about the work of our alumni and the broad spectrum of career opportunities our programs provide? The profiles featured here attempt to encapsulate the tremendous talent and the sheer career diversity of our former students. Beyond providing an enriching and rigorous academic environment, we strive to endow our biomedical students with the very best tools to succeed in their future careers, whether it is in continued study, life science research, or in alternative fields.

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Sam Frenkel

Sam recently graduated from our Special Master’s Program (SMP), and is now into his first year of medical school a Georgetown’s School of Medicin…

Nick Baro

Nick Baro recently earned his PhD from Georgetown’s Global Infectious Diseases Program and is now starting his postdoc with the Department of Immunol…

Samantha Platt

Samantha Platt, an MS in Clinical and Translational Research alumni, recounts her journey at Georgetown and offers advice to current students.

Brent Knoblauch

Brent Knoblauch, BGE Alumni, recounts his Georgetown experience and gives advice on career exploration.

Alexander Braverman

MS in Biohazardous Threat Agents
“This program provides you access to the incredible professional network that exists within Washington and truly presents opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. However, this program is what you make of it – you must be proactive and persistent from day one.”

Elliot Cook

MS in Clinical & Translational Research
“In addition, learning more about the inner workings of clinical and translational research would build a better foundation for improved decision-making and expanding my thought process to generate new ideas.”

Andrew Herr

MS in Microbiology & Immunology
“I suggest that students really focus on a core area in their major field and then branch out widely in their non-major classes. Look beyond traditional academic stovepipes and your particular program: take classes in different departments, gain perspectives from different international and organizational cultures, don’t be afraid of the ‘hard sciences,’ and feed your imagination with fiction and art in addition to the ‘traditional’ academic books and articles.”

Falian Pean

MS in Physiology
Meet Falian Pean! Falian recently earned her MS in Physiology and is currently working as a research assistant with the Transplant Surgery Department at Georgetown University Hospital.