Shiwei Lin

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Shiwei Lin

Shiwei Lin
MS in Biostatistics

“This program also allows me to be instructed and work aside world-renowned professors.”

About Shiwei

Shiwei is a student in the MS in Biostatistics program at Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE). He is originally from Xiamen, China.

What made you choose Georgetown University for your MS degree?

The Biostatistics program is what drew me to apply for the program. Moreover, I majored in Statistics in undergrad so I want to expand my knowledge on public health. This program gave the skills necessary to get into medical school. In addition, I was excited to receive training in biostatistics including biomedical data analysis and clinical trials. This program also allows me to be instructed and work aside world-renowned professors.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I currently work as a research assistant for a proteomics lab. While working in the lab, I hope to lay a solid foundation of the biomedical knowledge and apply my statistical skills to analyze the data efficiently.

What sparked your interest in the biomedical field?

My mom has been working in the biomedical field for over 30 years. I always regard her as my role model. Her diligence and sense of responsibility inspire me to become a better person. I really want to contribute to my community, and I believe the biomedical field is the place where I am able to devote myself to do it.

Out of all of the movies you’ve seen, which one would you highly recommend to anyone?

I would highly recommend the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Name something on your bucket list.

I want to build my own beach house.