Georgetown University is one of the world's leading academic and research institutions, offering a unique educational experience that brings together outstanding scholars committed to the discovery and communication of new knowledge and making a difference in the world.  We are a vibrant community of exceptional students, faculty, alumni and professionals engaged in real-world applications of our research and scholarship.

Biomedical Graduate Education is an extension of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the Medical Center. We are dedicated to upholding Georgetown's commitment to fostering an intellectual environment that is responsive to the needs and interests of our students.  From basic and clinical sciences to the study of biohazardous threat agents and emerging infectious diseases, we offer a wide variety of master's, Ph.D., dual degree and certificate programs that prepare our students for meaningful academic and professional careers in the field of biomedical sciences.

Complete List of Programs

Masters Programs 
Ph.D Programs 
Dual Degree Programs

MD/MS Programs

The MD/MS Programs are five-year programs, with individuals completing the MS prior to starting the MD curriculum or between the second and third year of the MD program. (Learn More

MD/PhD Programs

The MD/PhD program is designed for students who are interested in a career conducting medically-related research. In general, students in the program spend the first two years in medical school, with research rotations over the summer. Years 3-6 of the program are generally spent performing PhD research in a laboratory on either the Georgetown or NIH campus under the auspices of one of many available Georgetown graduate programs. (Learn More

Certificate Programs