Accelerated Master’s Programs

Many of our degrees can be completed on an accelerated timeline by Georgetown University B.S. in Human Science students. Human Science students can apply to a BGE master’s program in their junior year and start taking master’s courses in their senior year in order to earn the Master of Science in one semester after their Bachelor of Science.


Human Science Accelerated Master's Program Timeline. HSCI Junior Fall/Spring: Apply to M.S. program. HSCI Senior Fall: 2 HSCI core courses, 2 M.S. courses. HSCI Senior Spring: 2 HSCI core courses, 2 M.S. courses. M.S. Program Fall: Complete M.S. requirements.

Note: This is the typical accelerated master’s plan timeline, but some programs will have different distributions of HSCI and master’s courses to accommodate schedule conflicts.

How to Apply

Highly motivated HSCI students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major are eligible to apply. Visit your chosen program’s Admissions page for prerequisites and instructions.

Students who wish to apply should inquire with Sumaira Akber, Assistant Dean, School of Health, or Jason Tilan, Director of Accelerated BGE Pathways, Department of Human Science.

Eligible Programs

The following Master of Science degrees offer accelerated programs:

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Emphasizes the core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology as applied to biomedical sciences and biotechnology.

Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Broadens students’ knowledge of prevention, detection and response to chemical, biological and radiological threat agents.


Explores the development and application of computational tools and techniques for the collection, analysis, management and visualization of biological data, as well as modeling and simulation methods for the study of biological systems.

Integrative Neuroscience

Encompasses an extensive integrated overview of neuroscience, statistics, experimental design and technical approaches. Students can take courses to focus in science policy or laboratory research.


For students looking to enhance their training in the fundamentals of pharmacology, physiology and biochemistry through coursework and cutting-edge, lab-based research.

Physiology & Biophysics

Designed to prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry and allied health professions, as well as careers in research, education and administration involving biomedical sciences.

Systems Medicine

Introduces students to advances in the “-omics”; to emerging tools in the field and their use in clinical practice; and to the legal, social and ethical implications of research and clinical practice in the era of systems medicine.

Tumor Biology

Provides interdisciplinary training in the study of tumor biology as well as laboratory experience. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of cancer progression and the clinical challenges of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each program has an independent timeline for the admissions process. Please contact your program of interest.

No. A TOEFL/IELTS score will not be required as the applicant is currently attending Georgetown University as an undergraduate and already had to pass or meet the English proficiency requirement.

Accelerated Students in their senior year can apply for the Hoyas for Science and Ignatian Hoya BGE scholarships. The accelerated students are not eligible for other BGE scholarships. 

Students will pay the BGE tuition for the master’s program based on their credit load. The accelerated BGE programs charge a per-credit rate up to 12 credits, and a flat rate for 12 credits or more in a semester.

Students accepted into the accelerated program will be considered graduate students during the summer after baccalaureate degrees have been conferred.

Other questions? Please contact your program of interest or Jason Tilan, Director of Accelerated BGE Pathways, Department of Human Science.