BGE Administration and Staff

At Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE), we are committed to meeting the academic and administrative needs of our students and programs. BGE has 8 offices to serve our students. Our offices are located in the Southeast corridor on the first floor of the Medical and Dental Building.


Anna T. Riegel, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, Biomedical Graduate Education

Barbara S. Bregman, P.T., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Health Professions and Education Development, Georgetown University Medical Center

Elizabeth Song, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean of Administration & Finance
Biomedical Graduate Education

Caleb McKinney, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Training & Development
Biomedical Graduate Education

Office of Admissions

SE106, Medical Dental Building

Karla Garcia, M.Ed.
Associate Director of Admissions

Katherine Williams
Admission Analyst

Office of Academic Affairs

SE109, Medical Dental Building

Holly Sanders
Academic Specialist

Office of Student Services

SE109, Medical Dental Building

Jayden Sparenborg, M.A.
Associate Director of Student Services

Office of Career Strategy and Professional Development

SE108, Medical Dental Building

Carla Ochoa
Project Manager of Career Strategy and Professional Development

Office of Postdoctoral Development & Training Grant Support

SE108, Medical Dental Building

Elizabeth Salm, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Postdoctoral Development & Training Grant Support

Office of Recruitment & Partnerships

SE108, Medical Dental Building

Renee Barton, M.P.S.
Director of Recruitment & Partnerships

Office of Digital Communications

SE110, Medical Dental Building

Nate Rabner, M.S.
Assistant Director of Digital Communications

GUMC Finance

Kevin L. Diggs, M.S.
Senior Financial Analyst for BGE