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The Office of Postdoctoral Development and Training Grant Support (OPDTGS) has created this course to make your life easier when it comes to managing your research project. ATMS will introduce you to the basics of project management and how you can use these techniques to improve your research. Project Management (PM) skills are also highly sought after by employers, regardless of industry. By taking this course, you will improve your research management skills and your resume!

Course Objectives

Throughout the ATMS Project Management Course you will learn how to:

  1. Decide and begin a research project, taking potential risks into account
  2. Plan your project in detail and estimate time for completion of objectives 
  3. Brainstorm potential risks of your project and prepare both contingency and mitigation plans
  4. Monitor progress in your project, proposing changes in response to missed deadlines, expanding scope, insufficient work quality, etc.
  5. Organize and develop a team, including your additional mentors
  6. End a project and record lessons learned throughout the process

ATMS Project Management Certificate of Completion

ATMS is designed to give trainees additional experience in project management and more ways to describe their own PM skills. Trainees can earn an ATMS Project Management Certificate of Completion by doing the following:

  1. Complete the ATMS course
  2. Complete the post-course evaluation
  3. Review your ATMS portfolio with a course PM advisor

ATMS Train the Trainer Guide

We are developing a Train the Trainer guide that will include the full curriculum so that institutions can replication the ATMS program to provide to their trainees. The guide will be available for download at the end of August 2021. 

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