Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) fosters a culture in challenging our students to engage in the world and become men and women in the service of others, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. These values constitute the core of Georgetown’s identity, binding members of the community across diverse backgrounds.

BGE is pleased to announce that we are an education partner with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, which “engages passionate young people in vital service within poor communities, fostering the growth of leaders committed to faith in action”.

Starting Fall 2020, individuals who have served for at least one year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps will receive a 20% tuition scholarship during each semester in which they are enrolled. Students must be registered full-time in an eligible BGE master’s program in order to receive the scholarship.

Tuition Scholarship: 20% scholarship during each semester in which they are enrolled.

How to Receive Your Award:

  1. Submit an online application to an eligible BGE Master’s program.
  2. In the online application under the Application Details section, please select “Jesuit Volunteer Corps Member” from the menu in response to this question: Are you affiliated with or are you applying in conjunction with an organization or program listed below
  3. Be admitted and confirm your intention to enroll.
  4. Upload a Verification Letter from JVC confirming that you served as a member of the JVC to below within two weeks of confirming your intention to enroll in an eligible program.


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps Service Scholarship is due 14 days after submitting the program admissions application to an eligible master's program. For example, if you submit your application on the 1st of the month, you must submit your scholarship application by midnight on the 15th of the month.