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  • Ariana Turk
    Ariana Turk

    Ariana Turk, M.S. in Integrative Neuroscience, hopes to use the knowledge and experiences from the Georgetown's program to lead her on a path to becoming a well-rounded physician.

  • sarah martinez
    Sarah Martinez Roth, Ph.D. in Tumor Biology Candidate

    Sarah Martinez Roth received the 2018 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research from the National Cancer Institute. Congratulations Sarah!

  • deanna tiek thumbnail
    Deanna Tiek, Ph.D. in Tumor Biology Candidate

    Deanna Tiek received the prestigious NCI F99/K00 Transition Award. Congratulations Deanna!

  • taylor schulte
    Taylor Schulte

    Taylor Schulte, M.S. in Clinical & Translational Research, enters into the first year of her M.S. program.

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