To assist graduate students in the pursuit of their academic careers and the timely completion of their Graduate School degrees, financial support is available. Awards are provided on a semester-­to-semester or year-­to-­year basis. Awards may be renewed, subject to program and departmental recommendation, continued satisfactory progress toward the Graduate School degree, and availability of funding.

BGE MS Merit-Based Tuition Scholarships
A limited number of partial merit-based tuition scholarships are awarded by the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education on the recommendation of individual programs. Please contact your individual program regarding this scholarship.

DMV (DC/MD/VA) Hoyas Biomedical Academic Scholarship
Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) provides special award opportunities to encourage local talent to stay local as they pursue biomedical graduate education. BGE is pleased to announce the launch of its “DMV (DC/MD/VA) Hoyas Biomedical Academic Scholarship” program with the intention to attract high quality graduates from DC/MD/VA schools.

Hoyas for Science
This scholarship will provide partial tuition assistance for up to 1 year (distributed at the beginning of each semester, up to 2 semesters maximum) to newly admitted students who meet the eligibility requirements below. Eligible and qualified students will have a record of superior academic achievement (including factors such as grade point average, honors, or other designation) and demonstrate a commitment to biomedical research and graduate studies at the Master’s level.

BGE PhD Tuition and Stipend Aid Awards
BGE offers the opportunity for tuition and stipend aid awards to incoming and continuing PhD students. The primary purpose of this financial assistance is to support qualified graduate students in the pursuit of their academic careers and the timely completion of their Graduate School degrees. Please contact your individual program regarding this scholarship.

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid Options

Yellow Ribbon Benefit Program
Georgetown is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Benefit Program offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs Resources
The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs has additional programs that both active and inactive military applicants may be eligible to take advantage of.

Office of Student Financial Services
Students may also wish to contact the Office of Student Financial Services, which provides counseling services to prospective and current students, and their families about the options available for financing higher education costs, eligibility for assistance, and applying for and obtaining funding.

Options for International Students

Financial Aid for International Students
The Office of Global Services provides a very helpful website for international students seeking financial aid options, grants, and scholarships in various agencies.

International Scholarships
This free search engie contains database of scholarships and other awards for international students.

International Student Loan
This program center provides information on loan programs designed especially for international students.

Outside Scholarships

Office of Financial Services
The Office of Student Financial Services receives information about outside scholarship Opportunities and publishes them on this page.

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