BGE Students Celebrate the Year of the Monkey!

Have you ever had authentic Chinese food or made dumplings yourself? Have you ever watched a Chinese violin performance or written Chinese characters? Do you know what animal it was the year you were born? Our BGE students were able to experience all of these activities during the 2016 BGE Chinese New Year Party dedicated to the Year of the Monkey! The BGE Chinese New Year Party provided a welcoming and informative environment for international and native students alike. The party was simultaneously a nostalgic taste of home for some, as well as an informative cultural learning experience for others.

The party started with an Erhu solo (also called Chinese Violin), and a welcome speech by Caroline Goon, Director of Recruitment and Career Services at Biomedical Graduate Education. Featuring activities such as a hands-on dumpling-making tutorial and a Chinese character writing competition station, many native students were able to participate in parts of Chinese culture that they would otherwise have not had the chance to experience. And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without plenty of delicious food. The Chinese New Year Party committee served over ten traditional Chinese entrees that covered a wide spectrum of different tastes and regions. Regardless of what kind of background people came from, the party still allowed students to spend some time together and relax.

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the Monkey!