EPIC Career Strategy Course

EPIC Career Strategy Course | Biomedical Graduate Education | Georgetown University

The Office of Career Strategy & Professional Development (CSPD) has created this online, self-paced course to make your life easier when it comes to your job search. We know there are many resources that can help you, but you only have so much time to sift through them. That’s why we’ve created this online, self-paced course that spans each stage of the career search process: Explore, Prepare, Interview, and Choose. We are excited to offer this tool to help guide your search!

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Course Objectives

Throughout the EPIC Career Strategy Course, you will learn how to:

  1. Keep your job application process organized by setting SMART career goals
  2. Explore your professional interests
  3. Conduct informational interviews to learn more about particular career options
  4. Prepare strong application materials (resume, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile)
  5. Demonstrate professionalism and value throughout job interviews
  6. Navigate choices related to job offers

Student Reviews

EPIC Training Evaluations 2018-2020: Responses from 87 students show mostly strong agreement that the EPIC courses improved their confidence in their job search, in areas such as organizing the job application process; contacting individuals in the desired career field; identifying relevant work skills; using a resume versus a CV; updating your LinkedIn profile; writing a persuasive cover letter; framing thoughtful behavioral interview answers according to the STAR method; creating Feature, Attribute and Benefit Statements describing previous work; and analyzing a job offer.

The [EPIC] module really helped me analyze how I should word my responses, cover letters, resume, and CV to help me be called to an interview.

EPIC student