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NIH K Awards: Advice and Resources for Postdoctoral Applicants

Georgetown researchers share the strategies that helped them land prestigious NIH K.…

March 10, 2022


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Project Management Skills Drive Career Success

Being well-versed in project management skills can serve as a highly valued transferable skill for careers inside and outside of.…

October 7, 2021


The Personal Statement: Content

"With a greater emphasis on a holistic review of applicants a well-done medical school personal statement continues to be a key component of a successful."…

November 16, 2020


References are Key

"Determining who you ask to provide a reference (verbal or written) is key to the success of your application process, and could make the difference whether you are chosen in…

November 2, 2020


Welcome to a New Medical School Application Cycle

"Your application was selected amongst many for an interview. Even with virtual interviews, the interview process continues to be a very important component for medical."…

October 6, 2020


Finding a Support System

Finding a support system is critical during the federal job-hunting.…

September 22, 2020


Careers and Networking

What career development resources do I have as a Georgetown University?…

September 8, 2020


A Call to Action in the Time of Coronavirus

"I’ve always wondered how I would react in a time of need – would I sit back and let others handle it or would I jump into the fray and do what I could to."…

September 2, 2020


Landing a Cleared Job Without an Active Clearance

Candidates with security clearance are more attractive to employers. How can you land a job without an active?…

August 25, 2020


It’s Not You, It’s Me: USAJobs – A Broken System

Is USAJobs a "black hole" for resumes? Learn how to format your federal résumé so that it passes through the infamous USAJobs.…

August 11, 2020