BGE Comes Together To Celebrate The New Lunar New Year (Year of the Sheep)

Xin nian kuai le. A room full of students and faculty learned that it meant “happy new year,” and said it together again in unison. The BGE Chinese New Year Party was a welcome environment for all – students from China and all over the world. The party was simultaneously a nostalgic taste of home for some, and an informative cultural learning experience for others.

Featuring activities such as paper decorations (cutting and designs), a hands-on dumpling-making tutorial, and a calligraphy station, students had many different opportunities to find something that would capture their interest. And of course, what better way to capture interest at a party then to offer your guests food? The Chinese New Year Party served over ten traditional Chinese courses that covered a wide spectrum of different tastes. Regardless of what kind of background people came from, the party still allowed students to spend some time together and relax!

Xin nian kuai le!