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Georgetown Alumnus Honored for Work with Disadvantaged Students

Georgetown alumnus Adeeb Barqawi has been named Teacher of the Year by the Texas Alternative Certification Association, one of three teachers selected for the 2012-2013 school year.

Barqawi graduated from Georgetown University in 2012 with a Master of Science in Physiology and Biophysics with a concentration in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He delayed his plans to attend medical school in favor of teaching in a Houston, Texas high school notorious for being a “drop-out factory” ⎯ a place where many enter but few exit with a diploma.

“Lending a hand to disadvantaged children ⎯ to make them believe that the door is open, and the impossible is possible ⎯ is something I have committed myself to,” Barqawi said in a 2012 GUMC story.

Barqawi joined Teach For America, a growing movement of leaders who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get an excellent education. Without a degree in education as required to teach in Texas, Barqawi took part in the state’s alternative certification process, which is overseen by the Texas Alternative Certification Association (TACA) and takes nine to 12 months. Barqawi and his cohorts were observed by a mentor over the past year, completed a series of courses and attended professional development classes.
“There is no greater feeling than knowing you have touched, empowered, encouraged or inspired someone else’s life,” Barqawi said.

“We are pleased with this selection and for all the great things you do to support children in the public schools of Texas,” wrote TACA President Zach Rozell in the letter informing Barqawi of the award.

Barqawi will accept the award at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education in San Antonio this October. 

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