New Masters Program: Systems Medicine

Georgetown University’s Biomedical Graduate Program is announcing a new Masters in Systems Medicine program that utilizes the burgeoning field of computational science and “-omics” technologies to create a “systems approach” to medicine. In the era of “Big Data,” these emerging technologies will help researchers and medical practitioners predict the behavior of complex biological systems. Along with this big data oriented approach to medical practice, comes the development of personalized medicine, which addresses a patient’s individualized needs in accordance with his/her own biological system.

The MS-only program focuses the applications of various bioinformatics and –omic tools and aims to nurture effective leaders who will bring systems medicine and interdisciplinary approaches to a wide variety of already-established biomedical fields. With a 30-credit degree requirement, most of the program’s courses emphasize hands-on experience in relevant academic areas such as sequence analysis and clinical resource mining, a welcome respite for those students looking to apply their education to real world problems. A limited number of merit-based scholarships are available for students enrolled in the MS degree program.

This program aims to create the next generation of leaders, innovators, and educators that will bring new advances in the biomedical field by using the contemporary affordances provided by new technologies. As a truly unique and groundbreaking program, the Systems Medicine program offers a refreshing and wholly new educational experience that is the first of its kind. For more information, including applications, check out our website. Application is now open for Fall 2016.