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Landing a Cleared Job Without an Active Clearance

Candidates with security clearance are more attractive to employers. How can you land a job without an active?…

August 25, 2020


It’s Not You, It’s Me: USAJobs – A Broken System

Is USAJobs a "black hole" for resumes? Learn how to format your federal résumé so that it passes through the infamous USAJobs.…

August 11, 2020


From 7 Page CV to Single Page Resume

Find tips for creating an industry resume highlighting your most relevant experience and skill.…

May 23, 2018


Mastering Your Scientific Cover Letter

Go beyond the template and learn a process by which you can develop a strong cover letter in a few easy.…

September 25, 2017


7 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

Curriculum vitaes (CVs) should be an overview of your academic/professional.…

August 10, 2015