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Acing the Job Interview

This workshop provided a toolkit to understand how to prepare for interview day, how to respond to common questions, and how to wow your interviewer)!…

August 3, 2018


The Power of Informational Interviews

By Julia SosenkoBGE Career Strategy & Professional Development What is an informational interview and why should I do one? Informational interviews are one of the most…

February 2, 2018


When the Table Turns – How to Ask your Interviewer Thoughtful Questions

Learn how you can demonstrated strengths when asking an interviewer questions, and see some sample questions you can.…

December 4, 2017


Translating Your Skills into Professional Value: How to be FAB

How can I present my knowledge and skills as assets to an?…

October 26, 2017


Tell Me about Yourself

Learn a simple framework to answer one of the most daunting interview questions “Tell Me about."…

October 2, 2017