• careerfair
    3 Things to Do Before Going to Your Next Career Fair

    Career fairs are a great way to network, make first impressions, and both give and receive information between yourself and potential employers.

  • Person taking notes on Notebook
    6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

    Learn a few ways to leverage your internship experience to reach your career goals.

  •  A student working on writing her CV.
    7 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

    Curriculum vitaes (CVs) should be an overview of your academic/professional career.

  • Tracy Costello
    Acing the Job Interview

    This workshop provided a toolkit to understand how to prepare for interview day, how to respond to common questions, and how to wow your interviewer(s)!

  • Consultants sitting around a table discussing biomedical and healthcare issues.
    Biomedical and Healthcare Consulting

    Chance Scott, Associate Director for Strategic Product Planning, eluminates the reimbursement process and an in-depth look at the impact Consulting has in the healthcare market.

  • petri dish
    Biomedical Opportunities in the Federal Government

    Drs. Amy Avila, PhD, and Albert Avila, PhD, narrated their respective experiences as an FDA drug reviewer and a researcher at the NIH. Their experience serves as a reminder that the federal government always has a place for scientists who are interested in public service.

  • Two people shaking hands and having an informational interview over coffee.
    Caleb McKinney's 5 Tips for Informational Interviews

    Looking to expand your network and explore career options? Learn how to successfully land an informational interview.

  • Holding hands
    Community/Public Health

    CAM alumnus, Isabella Roth, takes us on a journey through medicine and public health.

  • American flag
    Federal Government

    Tips and tricks to applying for federal government jobs, from the Health and Human Services perspective.

  • usajobs
    Finding a Government Job

    We welcomed Kim Scarborough, MBA, Program Manager for the Department of Health and Human Services to lead a training seminar on how to navigate USAJobs.gov for those that want to work for the federal government.