This looks like a lot of steps, but we just wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything as you're adjusting to the platform. It's actually quite fast and easy and saves us all a lot of time by avoiding back and forth emails to schedule appointments. 

Please note:

All incoming Fall 2017 MS and PhD students will be uploaded into the platform in August. You should all then be able to register on 12twenty by Monday 8/21/2017 using your email address. 

Alums that aren't already in the CSPD 12twenty platform (students that graduated prior to Dec 2016) can feel free to email us at and we'd be happy to add you so that you can utilize the system.

To learn how to make an account with 12Twenty, please see the How to Sign Up for the 12Twenty Platform page

To book appointment with CSPD after sign up or after login

1. Click on the "Appointments" tab to the left Career Strategy and Professional Development Biomedical Graduate Education Caroline Goon, MS, MBA, Director Caleb McKinney, PhD, Assistant Director

2. Choose Caleb or Caroline for "Career Adviser"

3. For "Appointment Type", select reasons why you want to see us so that we can be ready. You can select more than one. We're willing to talk to you about whatever you want!

4. For block status, click "Available" so that you can see which time slots we have for you to choose from.

5. If you have an industry that you are particularly focused on, choose one from the "Focus Industry" drop down menu. It'll help us gather relevant materials before we meet with you, if we have time. You can also click "All" if you're unsure, or click Other if you are applying to other educational programs. Click Get Results.

6. You should see some light grey blocks in the calendar on the screen. Those are the times that we are available that week to meet. Click on one that works for your schedule. Keep in mind that another career adviser may have slots that work better for your schedule. So repeat the process with another Career Adviser if you need more meeting time options.

7. In the little screen that pops up, verify that the date and time is correct and that you are meeting with the person who you'd like to meet with.

8. Click Book Appointment.

9. Indicate the preferred appointment type. We know you did this already in #7, but do it again here since it's a required field. Just indicate one type (your primary reason for visiting).

10. In the TIME field, input the start time again. Just click it. Yes this is probably redundant, but if you don't need the whole hour, you can put a later time within the block.

11. If you have documents that you want us to look at beforehand (resumes, cover letters, personal statements, or whatever else), upload them in the "attachments section". Click "Choose Files" and upload the file. We prefer MS WORD because it's easier to make edits. However we do understand if you are more comfortable uploading PDFs. You can also bring hard copies to the meeting and not upload anything here. It's up to you. But if you give us documents before the meeting, we can look at them and give you more thoughtful feedback.

12. Click Book Appointment and you're all done! You'll be able to see your appointment in the "My Appointment" Tab at the top. You'll also receive a confirmation email prompting you to put the appointment on your google calendar.

13. If you need to cancel, login to 12Twenty, go to Appointments, click on the My Appointments tab, click your appointment and press Cancel Appointment. You can then choose from another appointment in the calendar.

14. DO NOT book more than one appointment at a time. At our meeting, we will determine the need for a subsequent appointment, at which point you will be approved to book another appointment on the platform.

Some notes: You won't be able to sign up for appointments less than 48 hours before a meeting. This is important because we need to plan our days too! That being said, if you make an appointment with us on the 12Twenty platform and need to change it at the last minute because, you know, stuff happens, email the person that you made the appointment with and see if he/she is able to meet at an altered time that day. As mentioned in #17, you can also pick a new time from available time slots on the 12Twenty platform if you're flexible with timing