• Max Kushner
    Max Kushner, Ph.D. Candidate in Tumor Biology

    Max Kushner received the 2018 NCI funded F31 National Research and Mistletoe Research Fellowship. Congratulations Max!

  • Ariana Turk

    Ariana Turk, M.S. in Integrative Neuroscience, hopes to use the knowledge and experiences from the Georgetown's program to lead her on a path to becoming a well-rounded physician.

  • Grant Kern
    Grant Kern

    Grant Kern, M.S. in Systems Medicine, has had a keen interest in using science to improve people's lives since elementary school. He is currently applying to medical schools, and hopes to combine the skills as an MD with the tools gained from the Systems Medicine program to improve the prevention and treatment of diseases.

  • Eric Witherspoon
    Eric Witherspoon

    Eric Witherspoon, Ph.D. candidate in Pharmacology, enters into the first year of his Ph.D. program.

  • 2018 LLNL Internship
    World-Class Research Experience

    Lawrence Livermore offers Hoyas world-class research experience far beyond Georgetown's gates.

  • Aminah Ghaffar
    Aminah Sané Ghaffar

    Aminah Sané Ghaffar, M.S. in Complementary & Alternative Medicine and 2017 Hoyas Scholarship Recipient, aspires to become a physician in hopes to alleviate health disparities in underserved communities.

  • Students presenting their research during the 2017 Student Research Day
    Student Research Day 2018

    Student Research Day is held in the fall of each year for the students in the PhD programs at the Georgetown University Medical Center. The purpose of Student Research Day is to showcase the scientific research efforts of graduate students at Georgetown University. The 2018 Student Research Day will be on October 16th.

  • Jiachen Lu
    Jiachen Lu

    Jiachen Lu, M.S. in Biostatistics, fascination with biostatistics began in her undergraduate career and has been increasing ever since.

  • Healy Hall
    New Programs Offer Training in Catholic Clinical Ethics

    Working with Catholic University of America, as well as with the support of the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA), Georgetown University Medical Center is launching Master of Arts and certificate programs in Catholic Clinical Ethics.

  • Dawn Payne
    Dawn Payne

    Dawn Payne, M.S. in Clinical & Translational Research, was fascinated with research since high school which led her pursue bachelor's degree in Biology and now a master's. Dawn wants to learn drug development and clinical trial administration and to make an impact in the clinical and translational research field.