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Systems Medicine Program Director Appears on Nutrition Podcast

Sona Vasudevan spoke with Marian Flaxman, a holistic nutrition coach and BGE alumna, about systems medicine and the connections between personalized medicine and public.…

April 15, 2024


Systems Medicine Director Is Guest Editor for Special Issue on Drug Repurposing

Sona Vasudevan is the guest editor of the open-access International Journal of Molecular Sciences special issue, "Drug Repurposing: Emerging Approaches to Drug Discovery."…

February 9, 2023

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Jamari McCoy

"Every human on this earth is different. So, treating them as your ‘average’ patient wouldn’t be giving them the best care that they deserve. This program will help me to…

October 11, 2020

BGE Scholarship Recipients
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Mahnoor Mukarram

"Adversity is but a stepping stone in the face of a greater calling — the same stepping stone that molds you into who you are meant to."…

October 8, 2018