Master’s Programs

Georgetown University offers a variety of biomedical master’s degree programs. Many offer both fall and spring admission as well as the opportunity to choose between attending full- or part-time. Students attending full-time typically complete their degree requirements in one year.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology M.S.

The program emphasizes the core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology as applied to biomedical sciences and biotechnology.

Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases M.S.

The program is designed for student interested in broadening their knowledge about prevention, detection, and response to chemical, biological, and radiological threat agents as well as emerging infectious diseases.

Bioinformatics M.S.

The program explores the development and application of computational tools and techniques for the collection, analysis, management, and visualization of biological data, as well as modeling and simulation methods for the study of biological systems.

Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy M.S.

This unique, multidisciplinary program trains students to understand how scientific data can be evaluated and clearly communicated to the non-scientific community.

Biostatistics M.S.

This rigorous program provides integrated training in computational, quantitative, and biomedical sciences to support health-related research performed in academia, government, and industry. 

Biotechnology M.S.

The program explores core concepts of biotechnology by integrating content and lab-based experimental science courses with an emphasis on business and science tracks.

Catholic Clinical Ethics M.A. Online

In Partnership with Catholic University of America

The program prepare leadership at Catholic healthcare institutions to address complex social and ethical issues in healthcare, clinical treatment, genetics, biotechnology, and policy within the framework of the Catholic moral tradition and teaching.

Clinical & Translational Research M.S. Online

The program prepares students with skills in project design, grant preparation, and effective communication of research results.

Clinical Quality, Safety & Leadership Executive Master’s Online

In Collaboration with MedStar Health

This program is designed for both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals interested in taking healthcare quality and patient care services to a higher level of excellence.

Health Informatics & Data Science M.S.

A program designed to lead the transformation in healthcare through application in informatics and data science.

Health Physics M.S.

The program that provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in various areas associated with health physics, including radiation detection and dosimetry, and environmental radiation protection.

Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences M.S.

As a truly unique graduate degree program, the Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences (IMHS) Master’s Program works with students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare but also eager to develop an exceptional skill set combining scientific thinking, evidence from research, and integrative medicine.

Integrative Neuroscience M.S.

This rigorous MS program is designed for completion in two full-time consecutive semesters.  The curriculum includes an extensive integrated overview of neuroscience, statistics, experimental design, and technical approaches.

Medical Physics M.S.

The program lays the foundation for physicists, mathematicians, and engineers to provide radiation safety, protection and expertise in the fields of diagnostic imaging, radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.

Microbiology & Immunology M.S.

This program is for students looking to enhance their understanding of microbiology, immunology, and various aspects of modern molecular genetics through experimental and lab-based research.

Pharmacology M.S.

This rigorous core program is for students looking to enhance their training in the fundamentals of pharmacology, physiology, and biochemistry through coursework and cutting edge, lab based research.

Physiology M.S.

This one-year program is designed to prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry and allied health professions, as well as careers in research, and education and administration involving biomedical sciences.

Physiology, Special Master’s Program M.S.

A highly-competitive post bac prep program for college graduates who wish to strengthen their credentials for application to U.S. medical schools.

Systems Medicine M.S.

This program will introduce students to advances in the “-omics”, to the emerging tools in the field and how to integrate their use in clinical practice, and to the legal, social, and ethical implications of research and clinical practice in the era of systems medicine.

Tumor Biology M.S.

The program that provides students with an interdisciplinary concentration in the study of tumor biology as well as laboratory experience.